Welcome to the PodProducer site

PodProducer is a software that will help you produce and record your podcast.
With PodProducer you can easily record your voice and add effects, markers, jingles, etc... over it.
PodProducer is totally free, it does NOT contain any Adware or Spyware.
PodProducer requires Windows 2000/XP, the latest DirectX and a sound card.
PodProducer is multilanguage (English, Spanish and Brazilian Portugues).

News :
Version Beta v0.26
Drag and Drop Support
Adds the audio info to the show notes
Adds the PubDate to the RSS.xml
If you want to support the development of PodProducer, please consider donating to this crowdfunding projet. Thanks for your support !


The main screen is divided in 5 parts.
Configurable number of playing decks
You can assign any audio to each of the playing decks.
Pressing the open icon display a dialog box where you can select the file that will be assigned to the playing deck.
With the IN and OUT cue buttons you can define the starting and ending position of the playing deck.
Each playing deck has its independent volume control and level display.
Configurable number of iInstant play buttons
Recording parameters
Here you select the input source (Stereo Out, What you hear, Stereo Mix) and ...
MP3 mono or stereo and bitrate.
Recording controls
VOR (Voice operated recording) Start's the recording automatically when sound is detected.
AGC (Automatic Gain Control) Automatically maintains an unifor level
COMP (Dynamics Compressor)
Advanced controls
Wiith the advanced controls you can adjust every aspect of the compressor, automatic gain controler and voice operated recording.
System Configuration
You can change the program parameters using the configuration panel.
Show Notes
You can create your show notes directly in PodProducer, and include them in the comment field of the ID3 Tag.